We’re Moving!

Hello all! I know it's been (literally) years since you've heard from me on this blog, but I'm jumping back into it. I have redesigned and transferred my travel content over to https://www.theworldasidiscoverit.com and will be posting new content to that site. If you would like to still get an email when I publish a… Continue reading We’re Moving!

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Third Party isn’t the Answer

This election has kind of driven me crazy. It's frustrating, it's disgusting, and it's simply embarrassing. Because of these sentiments I have done my best not to write about it, but there is a thought process that has risen through this that concerns me. I'll start off by disclosing my own biases. I am a moderate… Continue reading Third Party isn’t the Answer

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Just Another Syracuse Shooting

On Wednesday, October 14th, there was a drive-by shooting on Hope Avenue on the Southside of Syracuse. The suspects, being pursued by police, abandoned their car and exchanged fire with police officers on the corner of E. Colvin and Comstock and then ran into Oakwood Cemetery, which borders the Syracuse University campus. The SU campus… Continue reading Just Another Syracuse Shooting

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If you give Iran a cookie…

Last week President Obama spoke to the country and to Congress at American University about the Iran Nuclear Deal. Many members of Congress - largely Republicans - declared the evils of this deal as soon as it was signed, but I can't help but think that if the U.S. doesn't sign the Iran Nuclear Deal, we're… Continue reading If you give Iran a cookie…


Once in a Blue Moon

I couldn't resist. As many of you may know, last Friday was a blue moon. A blue moon is when a full moon occurs twice in the same month, which is a somewhat rare occurrence, hence the expression "once in a blue moon." It's not as rare as all the hype might make you think,… Continue reading Once in a Blue Moon

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The original article that I found this video in told people to watch this TV host (Tomi Lahren) say what "we've all been thinking." My interpretation would be more like watch this TV host "make the most ignorant and prejudiced statement I've ever seen a TV host make." I hate to share the video, but… Continue reading #TomiOffPoint

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Crumbs and Whiskers Cat Café

Warning: cute cats ahead. Yes, this is a real thing – and for my fellow cat lovers, perhaps the best thing in the world. In Georgetown, there exists a DC ASPCA partner café known as Crumbs and Whiskers, be-speckled with cushions, toys, platforms, and, of course, cats. The local ASPCA sends over 25 of their… Continue reading Crumbs and Whiskers Cat Café

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July 4th in DC

We did it! What blogs and DC area news articles brandished as the great challenge of the capitol, we found a spot at the National Mall to watch the DC 4th of July fireworks! But actually, the hyperbole was insane. Let’s take a few steps back. Seeing the fireworks in DC on the 4th of… Continue reading July 4th in DC